An incomplete atlas which, by combining words and images with geography and personal histories, seeks to explore the lives of people closely connected to the territories they inhabit or to the places they once had to abandon.

126 pages + 5 fold
330 x 240 mm.

Editon, photos and words: Juan Valbuena
Texts: Sandra Maunac + François Cheval + Alfonso Armada
Design: Gema Navarro - Rifle
Pre-press: Eduardo Nave + AG Palermo
Printing: AG Palermo
Binding: Ramos

PHREE + RM + CAM, 2020

Visible and available at:

30 €

Solo exhibition that collects the five main projects of my life, from Noray (1999-2012) to the unfinished Dalind that I started in 2013; passing through the recently published Un lugar de La Mancha (2006-2020) and the already known Salitre (2009-2014) and Ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente (2008-2018) completed with an never-seen Cabinet of Curiosities in which the traces and objects that the slow processes have left are shown

Curate: Sandra Maunac
Graphic Design: Gema Navarro / Rifle
Exhibition Design: Fernando Muñoz / Smart & Green
Building: Intervento
Video: thelemonjuicefilms

SEPT 15th - NOV 15 th, 2020
c/ Santa Engracia, 125
28003 Madrid - SPAIN